My name is Kabir Sawal and I am a high schooler with a passion for gardening. On this site I will write about and provide daily (I hope :)) updates on my experience with gardening projects at home as well as volunteering at community gardens and local nurseries. I volunteer at the Fremont LEAF Center, which provides planting beds for interested gardeners who simply do not have the capacity or money to do this in their own home. We provide education and help to those new to the lifestyle and hobby and try to allow more people access to this great outdoor activity. In addition to raising interest and awareness, we also grow food to donate to homeless shelters and local food banks. One of the organizations we work with is the Tri-City Food Bank, with whom I have done volunteering work in the past.

I am also very interested in both computer science and website design. This blog is a product of my experimentation with websites and I have also worked on the LEAF Center’s website as well. I wanted to combine my interest of gardening and computer science, so what better way to do so than with a gardening app. I am currently developing an iOS app that I will be releasing on the App Store sometime in the fall and wish to use it to introduce more people into gardening. Searching the internet, I couldn’t find any such app-based resource, so I decided to take the torch into my own hands and make it happen! Please stay posted for updates about the app development cycle.

Please feel free to contact me at kabirsawal@gmail.com

Please check out the LEAF website at http://fremontleaf.org