Coffee n’ Compost


Just when I thought the problem couldn’t get worse, the gophers struck once more. I had planted a zucchini and a few days later, I could see it slumped over in the dirt. A gopher had clearly eaten its roots, leaving it without any support, both physically and biologically. That was yesterday… Today I walked into the garden and the plant had completely disappeared. The gopher had taken the entire plant down into its hole and done god knows what to it. I didn’t even get to say goodbye :(. Unfortunately, the zucchini was in an area that I had not previously covered with coffee grounds. To rectify, or at least mitigate, the gopher problem, I went down to Starbucks Coffee again and got their ENTIRE day’s worth of coffee grounds. I sprinkled one whole bag around the garden and will use the other two tomorrow.

If you take a look at my Open House post (1st Gardening Open House) another neighborhood gardener had recommended using homemade compost rather than purchasing it from the nursery. Composting had not worked out very well for me in the past, but I have decided to give it another shot. Instead of putting my fruit and vegetable scraps in the yard-waste bin like I usually do, I dug a small hole in the back of my garden and dumped it in there. I will work to expand the size of this whole as well as cover it in peat moss so that I can account for the brown material that all successful compost piles need.

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