Backyard Bush Bean Bonanza!



Two bush bean seedlings that I planted only a few weeks back have already given me quite a large yield. The ones I decided to harvest ranged anywhere from 4 to 6 inches in length and I cut them around a centimeter up the stem. We got around a pound of beans, and thats only half of what was on the bushes. The rest were under 3 inches, so I decided to let them grow a bit more. The thing with beans, and also peas and a few other flowering plants, is that the vegetables must be picked off or else the plant will more or less commit suicide. Now before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. In order to produce, a plant first flowers. From the center of these flowers will come the vegetable. If the vegetable isn’t removed and every stem has vegetables on it, the plant no longer has any sites at which it is able to flower. Since producing flowers helps the plant reproduce, through insect pollination or seeds being transported by wind, it can no longer reproduce. Thus, once vegetables have matured, it is best to remove them promptly. I had to learn this the hard way;  I had two pea plants die because I never removed the pods from their stems. Well, lesson learned. Also, I managed to get my little brother excited about picking the beans. #InspireTheYouth. He ate about half of them right afterward.

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