Boxing Better Than Balboa

Alright, I didn’t run up the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but I did complete the planting box (right). First, I cut each of the wooden planks to size: 4 feet. Then I cut each of the 2 by 2s into 14 inch long beams. I placed three boards together, effectively one side of the box, and positioned a beam on one end of the board. The next step was drilling the beam into each of the three boards. I initially planned on using phillips head decking screws, but unfortunately four points of contact simply weren’t enough for the screw to bear the force of the drill, so the screws became absolutely striped and worn out, worse than Rocky’s first run in with Apollo Creed. I went out and bought star-shaped screws instead, as they make more contact with the drill bit, which alleviated the problem. I was using decking screws, which have a little notch cut out at the tip in order to drill a hole for you, but unfortunately this wasn’t working as intended and the wood began to crack. I had to switch to using a drill bit to make pilot holes and then I went back and put in all the screws. It was quite dark when I had finished, so I woke up this morning and lifted the bed into garden. I am currently prepping the bed for planting, I’ll catch up soon!

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