Thinking in the Box

I’ve got a problem. There’s no more space left in my garden. Well, let me rephrase. There’s plenty of space, just not enough of that space is populated by planting beds. I still have many seedlings still either in pots or in the plastic containers from the nursery and need to get them into beds before they get too big or unwieldy. My app will also include an instructional guide on how to properly build a planting box. So I decided to knock out two birds with one stone, as I need more space to plant veggies as well as photographs of the process for my app. I headed to a nearby lumber yard and picked up six planks of 8 foot 2 by 6s, two 2 by 2s, and some deck screws. In the picture to the left, an incomplete hole has been dug, as I am just figuring out the dimensions of the box and where exactly to place it. I am planning on doing a 4 foot by 4 foot bed that is roughly 18 inches tall. Most of the other beds in the garden are around 10 inches tall, so not the most optimal height, but they get the job done. I am not sure if I will be able to complete this project tomorrow, as there are some more pressing matters to attend to. I plan on cutting down my bed of spinach, as we have harvested it three times this summer and it seems to be doing to seed.

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