Right Root (Work in Progress)

I like writing apps and I like gardening, so why not put them together? Many people don’t take up gardening as a hobby or lifestyle as the task may seem a bit daunting or cumbersome. Instead they would rather sit on their phone and watch some Netflix. Well, why not harness the attractive power of that little screen and use it to introduce people to the art of gardening. A few weeks ago I began to brainstorm how this can be done and believe I have a somewhat rudimentary plan. To the left, I have mapped out a partial app prototype, simply a concept, using Adobe Experience Design. I attempted to export the project into Xcode so that I could pick up where I left off and begin to design the logic, but unfortunately, Adobe only supports file transfers of a few formats as of yet, so I am essentially back to square one. However, I plan on making some improvements when I remake the app, so I consider this a 2 steps back, 4 steps forward situation. I have divided the app into a few sections, including both interactive and informational portions that will help the user learn the basics and where to get started as well as information based on which region they live in to make the experience more personalized and tailored to their climate and geographical conditions. Updates will be provided in the days/weeks to come. Off to plant some basil, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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